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We use AI technology to create an accurate 3D model of your feet.

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Roadmap to Kickstarter

December 2020 First Prototype
February 2021 Second Prototype
April 2021 Pilot Run
July 2021 Kickstarter
August 2021 Finalizing Tools
September 2021 Start Production
October 2021 Start Shipping

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Tech Specs

Power Grid: Silicon elements on the forefoot enhance ball control by 60%.

Upper Knit: Allows an ultra lightweight boot weighing only 220g.


Fit & Shape
  • Yes, we make each shoe individually from a 3D model of your foot. Both your left and right foot will be captured during the scanning process.

  • Yes. The boots are suitable for both men and women, as we scan the shape of your foot and then make the shoe to fit you precisely.

  • Since you scan your feet and we make the boots based on that scan, this shouldn't happen.

  • We don't work with shoe sizes, we work with a 3D scan of your foot, but if you are between EU size 38-46 (UK 5.5 - 11.5), you can order boots from us now.

  • Any smartphone with a camera can be used for this. You only need a special app, which we provide.

Production & quality
  • The boots and all components are manufactured in modern factories in Indonesia and China.

  • We are starting with a moulded soleplate but also want to offer a screw-in boot right from the beginning. However, for the screw-in boot variant, we need a Kickstarter campaign that raises at least £47,000.

  • Unfortunately no. We manufacture the boots exactly according to your specification. Since there are over 20 billion combinations, the chances are slim that someone else will want your exact color combination 😀

  • Your own custom made football boots and a high quality box for storage.

  • We don't make standard boots, but a unique pair according to your design and specification. You choose the colour, design options and provide us with a 3D scan so we can make a perfect fitting boot for you.

  • To start with, we want to offer a perfect boot and a perfect fit. This is already a big challenge. But in the future we will definitely include shoes with multinocks or similar.

Kickstarter campaign
  • Kickstarter is a platform on which startups can find supporters for their project and collect pre-orders even before the start of production. Through the community, even large and complex ideas that require a high investment in tools, etc. can be implemented. Many small pre-orders result in a large amount with which the production can be started.

  • The regular price is £169.99. On Kickstarter you save up to 40% if you are one of the first pre-orderers.

  • We plan to launch the Kickstarter campaign in July 2021.

  • Yes. You can create this directly on

  • It’s easy to do by credit or debit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express).

Team & story
  • We are a football crazy start-up consisting of the founders Benjamin Dorsch, Matthias Lang and the team of T1TAN around Matthias Leibitz and Manuel Meier.

  • We want to enable every amateur player to play in their individual and custom-fit football boot. These custom-made boots are otherwise only available to world-famous football stars.

  • Benjamin Dorsch has spent 7 years developing and producing football shoes in Indonesia for a world-famous company from Germany.

  • Of course 😎. We love football and have already proven with the start-up T1TAN that we can bring goalkeeper gloves from the district league to the Bundesliga. We now want to do the same with IMOTANA.

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